The Wind in The Willows
2018.07.22 - 2018.08.26
Artists: Henk Visch,Zhang Shujian,Wu Di,Liu Yue,Lao Jiahui,Nie Shiwei


  • Henk Visch,Some Are Looking for More,group of 8 figures,H60-90cm,2008
  • Nie Shiwei,Go to Sea,acrylic on canvas,200x200cm,2018
  • Lao Jiahui,Female,color pencil on paper framed on aluminum board,100x180cm,2017
  • Wu Di, Baby,Don't Cry,installation oil on wood,185x67x67cm,2013
  • Wu Di,9-21,oil gold foil on wood,96x80cm,2017
  • Wu Di,9-22,oil gold foil on wood,30x30cm,2017
  • Zhang Shujian,Ba Da,Mixed Media on Wood
  • Liu Yue,Rainbow,special mica acrylic on canvas,155x100cm,2006-2017
  • Henk Visch,"Once, permanent green" "Once, carmine red" "Once, turquise blue" "Once, ultramarin deep" "Once, cadmium red" "Once, orange light",acrylic on bronze,L 40-50cm H25-83cm,2012
  • Henk Visch,I Was A Man with A Beard,aluminum,H255cm,2008