Yu Ji

1985   Born in Shanghai

2008   BA in Fine Art College of Shanghai University
           Sculpture Department
2011   MFA in Fine Art College of Shanghai University
           Sculpture Department

2012   Yu Ji (solo exhibition curated by Ding Yi), V Arts Center
           M50 Shanghai (forthcoming)
2011   "I stand alone" C-Space, Beijing
           "CITY TRACERY" AM art space, Shanghai
           "The Way of Study" V Arts Center, M50, Shanghai
           "One Man’s Theater—Artists from 80’s"  He Xiangning
            Art Museum, Shanghai
2010   "Sea Level" Painting and Sculpture Group Exhibition,
           SPSI Art Museum, Shanghai
          "Obsessive Compulsion Disorder" Group Exhibition
           DDM Gallery, Shanghai
          "Square" Group Exhibition, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai
          "VILLA PAN — A Selfreflective Residency" Suzhou
          "KIOSK" International Project, Germany, EXPO Germany
           Pavilion, Shanghai
2009   "a u" Contemporary art exhibition, Fei Contemporary
           Art Center, Shanghai
          "Quantity Bears Identity" Exhibition of Shanghainese
           Artists, Vilnius, Lithuania
          "Domino" Plan In The Space, Chen Linghui Contemporary
           Space, Beijing
          "Mirage" Buena Vista. The Second Annual Sculpture
           Exhibition, Shen Zhen
          "kaleidoscope" French Institute in Cologne, Germany
          "Restart" Sculpture exhibition, Shanghai
2008   "9/9" Female Artists Exhibition, Hangzhou
          "Reflected Movement" Ongoing Projects
           am space, Shanghai
          "ZENGZUSHAO Sculpture Fellowship"China International
          Exhibition Center, Beijing
2007   "Shanghai Youth Biennial-Start from Here"
           Ming Yuan Art Center,Shanghai
          "The Communication between Japan and China"
          Osaka, Japan
2006   "Landing of Up Generation"Red Bridge Gallery &
           Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai
          "Six Sleepwalkers"Fine Art College of Shanghai University
          "Handle" Asia-Pacific Design Center,Shanghai